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Barefoot-Thai (Floor/Table)

Information: Suitable for both Men and Women

Time/Amount: 1 hour - 90min - 2 hour

Price: $80.00 - $120.00 - $160.00

Barefoot-Thai (Barefoot Deep Compression) is a perfect combination with Thai Massage and Swedish Massage techniques       where the therapist maneuvers the client’s limbs into deep-relaxing stretches. Compression of muscle tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release spasm, muscle contraction and tension. Always working within your perfect range of pressure, the therapist uses 90% barefoot throughout the entire session (with or without cream, by client preference). Barefoot-Thai is an amazing adaptation of Thai Massage and Swedish Massage, holding the bar to balance control and leverage to twist, bend, and stretch the client into healthy positions.  Barefoot-Thai allows gravity to do the work, leveraging the therapist’s body weight to provide a depth and leverage unmatched by other techniques. Barefoot-Thai       is an effective bodywork treatment for all types of athletic injuries. Most clients report a significant decrease in pain, and significant increase in range of motion and athletic performance. Clients with sports and repetitive strain injuries receiving Barefoot-Thai often find they’re more flexible after sessions than before their injury! You must try the Barefoot-Thai session and feel like a new person!