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Perfect Combination – Thai Massage and Reiki Work

Information: Suitable for both Men and Women

Time/Amount: 1 hour - 90min - 2 hour

Price: $80.00 - $120.00 - $160.00

Thai massage frees the body of energy blockages by working along energy lines, and utilizing acupressure and deep tissue massage in combination with yogic stretching of joints and muscles. Reiki is a specific type of subtle energy work in which healing is performed by the touch of the hands, allowing the flow of energy from a limitless source (Divine Force) to the client via the Reiki practitioner. It is extremely powerful, yet gentle, easily channeled to yourself and others through Intention. One of the greatest Reiki health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which trigger natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains overall health by balancing life energies that bring health and well-being to the client. Reiki and Thai Massage are two modalities that mesh together to form a perfect combination for one incredible session that you simply must try to feel like a new you.