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Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy


Time/Amount: 6 hour

Come and learn one day workshop of 6 hours to help yourself and others. Chakra work is one of the subtlest methods of healing. The chakras are important energy centers in the body that can be activated and harmonized using specific techniques. This will lead to marked improvements in physical and mental health, psychological stability, and inner peace. You will learn and find many ways to connect with your chakras and their subtle energies. You may pick one particular method or try several at once — whatever brings the best results. Use the methods as a guide to your own personal practice. Always follow your intuition in chakra practice and listen carefully to your inner voice.

Note: Call Souri for dates (every 6 hours $150.00). Pick the class you want, send the date and month to Souri via e-mail or quicker by text at 281-685-5091. When we have 2 or more scheduled on the same day, we’ll hold the class that booked first.

**One-on-one training $250 for one student**