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Introduction to Thai

Introduction to Thai


Time/Amount: 6 hour

During this single day course, the participant will learn about the history of Thai Massage, Ten Sen Lines, Thai Massage Contraindications and benefits of Thai massage, as well as 2 techniques for performing Thai Massage and breathing techniques, body mechanics (working stances & rocking techniques) and at least 15 movements of Thai Massage (acupressure points on energy-Sen Lines and stretching) and 4 positions 9front, back, side, sitting). this course introduces the student to the concepts of increasing energy, improving flexibility, as well as the potential for Thai Massage to generate an income for professional practitioners.

Note: workshops are instructed by Souri Sisavath. All classes range in size between a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6. Please wear comfortable stretch pants and loose T-Shirts for all Thai classes. Special discount for the group of four + and some discount for advance pricing and some payment plan for longer training of 30 hours +.

Note: Call Souri for dates (every 6 hours $150.00). Pick the class you want, send the date and month to Souri via e-mail or text at 281-685-5091. When we have 2 or more scheduled on the same day, we’ll hold the class that booked first.