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Northern Style

Northern Style


Time/Amount: 60 hour

Level 1: Foundation of Thai Massage (30 hours – 5 days)

This covers Front Position (feet to face) – One position only of Prone (face up ). Introduces the concept of energy lines (SEN) and Yin/Yang. Teaches stretches, acupressure points, and proper use of body weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Emphasize deep-focused abdominal (Hara) work. Upon completion students will be able to perform an effective 1-1 ½ hour Thai Massage

Level 2: Intermediate Thai Massage (30 hours – 5 days)

Prerequisite: Foundation of Thai Massage (Level 1). Expands on the techniques learned in Level 1 to cover the Side, Back (Prone) and Sitting Positions. Advanced yoga like stretching movements. Upon completion students will have a substantial foundation of the major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to perform a comprehensive 1 ½ to 3 hour Thai Massage.

Note: Call Souri for dates (every 6 hours $150.00). Pick the class you want, send the date and month to Souri via e-mail or text at 281-685-5091. When we have 2 or more scheduled on the same day, we’ll hold the class that booked first.