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Self Healing Therapy

Self Healing Therapy


Time/Amount: 6 hours

We know that we can create miracles in our life. We have come to this planet to learn to love ourselves more, and to share that love with all those around us. Because this I decide to create this class to all of you as the gift to you, while I am still in this planet. Mind, Body and Spirit need to be well-balanced. *Mind, Emotional, Spirit are behind physical pain* How can we learn how to love, heal and find peace until we start from ourselves. This class is created to connect ourselves to our inner-selves, covering:

Meditation, Positive-Thinking, Active Chakra, Energy Healing, Essential Oil -Treatment, Hot Stone – Treatment, Crystal – Treatment, Magnet – Treatment, Reflexology, Myofascial-Self Stretching, Yoga-Stretching, Herbal Massage, Self-Massage, Couple-Massage (with a couple), Baby-Massage (mother with a baby), Ear Candles (with two students), Cupping and Gua Sha Terapy (with two students), and more.

Note: Tuition (6 hours per day): $150 (two students); $250 (one student – one on one training); $125 (group discount of four students up). **Class is on-going, no level, no set-up date yet — any student can join any time. Covers only one subject at the time of that day of 6 hrs. Some information will be given out to student of each subject. **Certificates not necessary.**