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Thai Herbal Hot Compress

Thai Herbal Hot Compress


Time/Amount: 12 hour

This workshop introduces students to luk pra kob (Thai herbal compress therapy), a very important element of the healing traditions of Thailand. Thai herbs and roots are freshly mixed, wrapped into compresses, steamed, and then applied to the body in order to relieve stress, ease tension and bring about a calm state of mind. This is an ancient tradition in Thailand, and one that has many applications in the modern world. The effects of a Thai herbal session can be truly amazing – aches and pains seem to fade away, and you feel relaxed yet energized. The workshop is open to massage therapists, bodyworkers, spa therapists, alternative healers, couples and friends. No previous experience in herbalism or massage therapy is required

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able perform Thai Massage 90 min to 2 hours or longer with emphasis on creating personalize treatments for each client of four positions (Front, Side, Back and Sitting) with the great knowledge of how to apply the compresses along major Sen lines (energy pathways) and other stress-bearing areas of the body. The course presents a basic understanding and workshop knowledge of the preparation and application of Thai herbal compresses through discussion, mixing and preparing herbs, and topical application. Coordinated Thai massage techniques will also be taught, and ample time will be allowed to practice with several partners during the workshop. Each participant takes home herbs and materials to prepare several compresses for later use.

Note: Call Souri for dates (every 6 hours $150.00). Pick the class you want, send the date and month to Souri via e-mail or text at 281-685-5091. When we have 2 or more scheduled on the same day, we’ll hold the class that booked first.